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Working parents, first time parents, new to being a stay-at-home parent, caretakers, homeschoolers, home due to quarantine (covid-19) and for those curious readers.

Here we have put together some go-to ideas of Creative Activities you can do with Kids. This can be so useful for when your plans have failed, places have closed, schedules have changed or your mind has just gone blank.

Make a Plan

Routines and schedules help children feel safe.

When kids have a routine, then they know what to expect and feel that their basic needs will be met. This helps kids to feel relaxed and able to explore and learn. I remember when my kid was 3.5 yrs old and had just started pre-school. She would get so anxious and cry for me not to leave her. But, one thing that helped was when we discussed her routine for the day. (First, you play outside, then circle time, later snack, then you choose your work, lunchtime, free play outdoors and then mommy comes.) When we would talk about her routine, she would start to feel more at ease, and remember that mommy comes back after outdoor play. Eventually, she even drew herself a picture of the routine and would look at it when she would start to feel anxious.

According to, young kids don’t understand the ‘concept of time’

Therefore what makes sense to them is the order of events that occur throughout the day. When the same or similar order of events happens daily kids feel more secure, become more confident and are prepared for what will happen next. That’s why we have put together some creative activities that you can do with your kids.

If a schedule or routine already exists

Like the routine that kids follow at school, then you can imitate it at home too. It doesn’t have to be so strict and exact, but do your best to be consistent with it. Aim for a balance of free play, engaging activities, body movement and calmness throughout the day.

A creative activity you can do with kids is to have a play date. 3 kids sitting outside looking out

Try a Play Date

If you’re feeling particularly social, and the kids too, then consider having a playdate. You can meet another family with kids at a park or host the play date at your house or theirs. Sometimes play dates don’t go as planned (like when kids are having a hard time sharing) so have no expectations and just flow with it. If the kids are young like toddlers & preschoolers, then make the playdate shorter (an hour or two). Or when kids are older, then they can probably play for a longer period of time. Consider your mood and do what’s best for you. You can even include some of these Creative activities to do with kids at a play date.

When kids say they are bored. Try one of these creative activities. Kid slouched on ground with open book on face.

What to do when kids are the ‘B’ word, ‘Bored!’

As a parent of 3, I have heard the ‘B’ word sooooooo many times. “mom I’m bored.” (no, not the other B-word LOL) And yes, hearing the kids say they are ‘bored’ numerous times can drive me a little nuts. So consider this! When a kid mentions that they are bored, it can means that they want some attention, or need some help in figuring out what to do next. When this happens consider it a transition, a need to go from what they are doing to something new. Try asking, “what would you like to do now?” They may have some ideas. Or you can offer a choice between 2 options. “We can do can play a game of ‘hide a seek’ together?” or “find some rocks and paint them?” Check out our list below of, Creative Activities you can do with kids!

A creative activity you can do with kids is to do art an crafts. 3 kids are drawing on paper leaves creating a flower craft

Creative Activities for Kids to Do at Home

  • Paint some creative animals or people on rocks and make up a story to go with the characters
  • Sprouts some seeds in water and watch the roots grow
  • Set up a camping tent in the living room or yard and have a campout
  • Find some colorful chalk and draw
A creative activity to do with kids can involve chalk art. Kid holding up her chalk art board.
  • Make a Chalk Art Obstacle Course
Creative Activities like a chalk art obstacle course
Get those sillies out with our Chalk Art Obstacle Course. The first part is hopscotch, then stand on circles and walk down the lines, next twirl around the circular lines and get dizzy, then hop on the triangles, and lastly sing your favorite song.
  • Have a dance party
  • Play Freeze Dance
  • Build a Den/Cave/Tent using sheet, pillows, and chairs
  • Try out some yoga poses
  • Stretch, practice gymnastics, mimic the movement of a baby or each other
A creative activity you can do with kids is stretching and gymnastics. Kid is doing straddle stretch on the carpet
  • Make a pyramid out of cards or blocks. Then use a ball to try to knock it down
A creative activity you can do with kids is playing with blocks. Baby is sitting on the floor while blocks are stacked.
  • Hide and Seek
  • Simon says
  • Red light green light
  • Make your own Playdough
Creative activity you can do with kids. Easy No Cook Playdough
  • Create your own show and use puppets or yourselves
  • Practice storytelling by switching storyteller in the middle of the story
  • Play music together (even if it’s with pots and pans for drums)
  • Sing songs together and pretend to be on stage
  • Read Plenty of books and have kids read to you too. Even just for fun!
A creativity activity you can do with kids is to read or be red to. 3 kids looking at a book together.
  • Hide things around the house and have a Scavenger Hunt
  • Play Kickball 
  • Play games – matching games – Card games like Set – Board games like candy cane lane – Movement games like twister
A creative activity you can do with kids is to play games. 2 kids are play a matching fish game. Anothe kid is playing the game of SET.
The game of ‘Set‘ is great for older kids 6 and up. My 3 year is enjoying matching fish playing the game Memo 30 pieces
  • Write stories 
  • Remove weeds from the garden
  • Write a letter or draw a picture for a friend or relative
  • Use a clipboard, paper, and pencil to draw what you see
  • Shadow puppets
  • Make a treasure map and find the treasure
A creative activity you can do with kids is to create a treasure map and search for the treasure. Kid is holding up a treasure map that she created.
Treasure Map created by 6-year-old. The X marks the spot to go searching for.
  • Blow bubbles
  • Use a cotton ball or Q-tip to paint
A creative activity you can do with kids is to use paint, cotton balls and or q-tips. A white page with lots of colored dots
Gets some paint, paper, cotton balls and or Q-tips. Dip the cotton balls or Q-tips in the paint and create away. You can also use dot markers if you have them
  • Use a softball or balloons, tennis or badminton rackets to play indoor tennis. Pillow or hands if you don’t have the rackets. 
  • Easy origami (heart)
A creative activity you can do with kids is to do origami. 6 steps on how to make a origami heart.
1) Get a square piece of origami paper 2) Fold in 1/2 to make a triangle 3) Open and fold top to the middle of paper 4) Fold bottom tip to the top 5) Place a finger in the bottom middle and fold up the outer edge to make a kind of fox’s ear 6) Then do the same on the other side and Voila. You can fold the tips at the end to have a more rounded look

I hope you enjoyed this post

Feel free to let me know which activities you enjoyed the most or let us know any of your favorite activities. If you enjoyed the post you can also check out more of our posts like; This is How to Set Up a Minimal and Inviting Art Space for Kids.

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